You will find a number of questionnaires, one, or two, or all of which you may want to complete, to help you decide what area or areas trouble you. The topics covered, such as work, family, health and finances, are prime areas of concern and when handled poorly, can cause problems that, if not addressed, may lead to stress, anxiety, depression or other emotional/psychological problems.

Each category has a number of questions with three possible choices opposite each one. Decide on the response that best represents what you believe to be true. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. After completing the questions, total your score by adding the numbers that you have circled and record it in the space opposite “My Total Score”. Then move on to the next scale and do this until you have completed as many scales as you wish. A score below 30 on any scale requires attention and change, hopefully sooner than later. Feel free to contact us to discuss what the score means and possible next steps.

The quizzes are the copyright of Dr. Sam Klarreich. None of the questionnaires may be reproduced by any process whatsoever, without the permission of Dr. Sam Klarreich.