“What can I make happen, not what can happen to me."


We offer a unique, Leadership and Personal Coaching service based on evidence-supported tools and strategies. This coaching approach is forward thinking, solution-focused and results-driven and the process is very dynamic, energizing and highly engaging.

Our education, training, familiarity with psychological theories, as well as our corporate experience, have afforded us a thorough understanding of motivation, behaviour, learning and change.

Recent research findings indicate that optimal coaching results are attributable to the application of the principles and practices of Applied Positive Psychology. Our effective coaching methods and interventions are consistent with the fundamental philosophy and concepts of Positive Psychology.

By means of assessment, dialogue, and focused activities, the coaching process promotes continuous learning, fosters rapid implementation, and encourages ongoing evaluation of the results that are achieved.

The changes that take place are often profound, observable, and lasting and benefit both the individual and his/her organization.

We engage with our clients to:
  • determine and eliminate emotional roadblocks
  • clarify and articulate operational styles and behaviours
  • map out core workplace values and beliefs
  • shape a personal leadership mission
  • promote breakthrough thinking
  • clarify meaningful goals
  • spell out strategies to achieve these goals
  • evaluate the results of implementation
  • determine goal fulfillment
  • shift from breakdowns to breakthroughs
  • develop systems thinking and create relationships for change
  • foster transformation


In addition to in-person coaching, for your convenience we can provide telephone coaching. Payment for this service will need to be received at least 48 hours in advance of the coaching session.

A cheque can be sent by mail prior to the session, or an electronic fund transfer can be arranged. If you carry out internet banking, the bank’s website will guide you through the process. Simply send the electronic fund transfer to our email address making certain to provide us with your payment transfer code.

For more details or clarification, feel free to contact us.


The following are examples of reported benefits:
  • heightened motivation
  • strengthened core competencies
  • raised standards of performance
  • improved problem-solving, decision-making and strategic planning
  • improved people and team-building skills
  • enhanced leadership skills
  • enhanced understanding of human behaviour & motivation
  • improved communications
  • increased work satisfaction
  • improved productivity and efficiency
  • enhanced personal growth and mastery
  • positive role model to peers and colleagues
  • clearer perspective of culture and context
  • greater support to business objectives
  • added value to organizational operations