“There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly”.

We are the only Canadian affiliate with the world renowned Albert Ellis Foundation in New York, a training, research and treatment centre.

Dr. Albert Ellis, a clinical psychologist and a pioneer in cognitive-behavioural psychology and psychotherapy, with over 80 books and 700 articles to his credit, is one of the most influential and cited psychologists of our time.

His various methods and strategies, referred to as Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), have helped people to successfully deal with their emotional problems and have gained significant attention around the globe. REBT is a theory of personality as well as a method of psychotherapy and is based on the premise that people are not disturbed by events or situations, but by their interpretations of them. Such interpretations, resting on unhealthy and illogical beliefs, result in emotional disturbances and ineffective behaviours.

His successful system, well researched with much evidence to support its effectiveness, has spawned affiliated centres worldwide, with our centre being the only Canadian one, as stated earlier. His methodology promotes a healthy and empowering approach that views people as having choices regarding what to think and how to behave. Individuals are encouraged to examine and challenge self-defeating patterns and create healthier ones using a variety of techniques and assignments.

REBT is truly unique in a number of ways:
  • It focuses on the present but recognizes the influence of past events and early learning and how they are represented in presently held beliefs.
  • It seeks to develop a philosophy and an approach to living that promotes and increases happiness, health and effectiveness.
  • It seeks to establish a supportive and helpful therapeutic alliance that is also practical and action-oriented.
  • It emphasizes that most of the time people create their own disturbances, but also have the power to overcome them.
  • It helps people to gain attitudes and behaviours that are less selfish, needy and demanding, and to become healthily self-interested, more responsible and interested in others.
REBT principles and practices underlie most of the counselling and coaching services we provide.